Climate change network nepal


CCNN is a forum for organizations, institutions and networks at local, regional and national level with active involvement in climate change issues in Nepal.

There are two types of membership criteria in CCNN:
1.    Core members: The current members of CCNN will be the core members.
2.    General members: The general members are the organizations, group or networks that will join the network in future.

 Eligible Institutions for Members
1.    Networks and federations working on climate change issues
2.    NGOs and INGOs
3.    Academic Institutions
4.    International Agencies
5.    Private Sectors

Membership Criteria

CCNN welcomes the membership application from organizations that fulfill the following criteria:

•    Should have Implemented projects and programs related to Climate Change over the last 2 years;
•    Should have engaged in activities related to Climate Change issues and agenda in Nepal over the last 3 years;
•    Is a organization with track record of transparency, accountability, legitimacy and national recognition.

Membership Application Process
•    The membership process, criteria and form is uploaded in CCNN website.
•    Interested organizations can obtain application form from the secretariat or CCNN website. The completed form should be submitted to the secretariat.
•    The secretariat will assess the applications and circulate them among the members for review and comments providing the time period of 15 days

•    Secretariat will make recommendation to Coordination Committee for formal endorsement of the membership. The coordination committee reserves the right to accept or deny the application.
•    The organizations affiliated to network members of CCNN will be the default member of the network
•    Submission of the application does not guarantee the membership status.

Please click here for Membership Application form