Climate change network nepal


CCNN will conduct the following activities to achieve its goal:
1. Raise awareness among key stakeholders (relevant government officials, civil society, researchers, professionals, media, students and the general public including vulnerable communities and groups) through the following programs:
• Regular interaction programmes, seminar and workshops
• Networking and coordination
• Education programmes
• Media campaigns.

2. Build capacity on issues such as mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer, carbon finance and international negotiations among key stakeholders.

3. Advocate for effective policies and programmes related to climate change by engaging with the government as well as other national and international agencies. CCNN will initially focus on the following themes for advocacy:
• Incorporate climate change related challenges and urgently required responses in the new constitution as well as other related government policies and programmes.
• Institutionalize adaptation measures into the regular programmes of government as well as other development agencies
• Encourage government to take advantage of opportunities for carbon finance and other funding mechanisms related to climate change to mobilize resources for initiating clean development and adaptation programmes in Nepal
• Promote mitigation measures such as renewable energy and energy efficiency to minimize Nepal’s carbon footprint and enhance Nepal’s image as a country committed to clean energy
• Promote climate resilience and low carbon economic development
• Assist government to clarify Nepal’s position and strengthen its ability to raise its voice and effectively negotiate at COP/MOPs and other international meetings so as to ensure that international decisions are favorable to countries like Nepal