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Post COP 19 Sharing workshop held.

 A Half day sharing workshop on COP 19 Warsaw was held in January 3, 2014 with the theme “ Thinking Beyond Warsaw” in Kathmandu by Clean Energy Nepal on behalf of Climate Change Network Nepal (CCNN) with support from Oxfam and European Union (EU). The program was aimed at sharing the outcomes of the UNFCCC 19th Conference of Parties (COP) held in Warsaw and also at discussing the way ahead for Nepal in future Climate Negotiations.

Mr. Gehendra Gurung from CCNN welcomed the participants on behalf of organizers and briefly spoke on the background and outcomes of the COP 19 and the objectives of the sharing workshop. Then, Mr. Prakash Mathema, Joint Secretary of MoSTE and Chair of LDC Group highlighted the achievements of Least Developed Countries (LDC) in the COP, which was led by Nepal. He also mentioned that the Nepal’s role as LDC Chair was well appreciated by the international community. Then the technical Session of the Workshop was facilitated by Mr. Manjeet Dhakal from CCNN.  Mr. Dhakal acknowledged the presence of Former Environmental Minister of Government of Nepal, Mr. Ganesh Shah amongst the guests. Mr. Shah, speaking on the occasion, said, ”It is very encouraging to see such a wide presence of stakeholders from diverse sectors congregating to hear about the Global Climate Negotiations and discuss the way ahead for the whole country and its vision for 2015 deal. The presence of youths and their enthusiasm also fills my heart with joy.” The moderator also acknowledged the presence of respected representatives from Ms. Ramita Manandhar and Mr. Parshu ram Adhikari, Ministry of Agriculture; Mr. Bhuwan Karki,  Ministry of Finance; Mr. Braj Kishore Yadav, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Forestry and Soil Conservation; Mr. Mohan Akela, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ms. Sabina Kharbuya, Ministry of Energy.

 Mr. Ugan Manandhar, WWF then presented on the updates from COP 19 while Mr. Raju P. Chettri from CEN spoke about the Political landscape of Climate Negotiation upto 2015; the various bilateral and multilateral discussions that is heating up the global negotiations and will have significant effect in 2015 Climate Deal.

Mr. Sunil Acharya, CEN then spoke about the role of Civil Society Organization’s (CSOs) in such discussion and how CSOs have a crucial role in linking the policy with the grass root level. Mr. batu K Uprety, Vice Chair LEG and Expert Member of Climate Change Council argued that though Nepal  performed well as chair of LDC, but couldn’t prioritize Nepal’s national issues in the global forum. He also pointed out various opportunities and challenges and way ahead for Nepal in Future Climate Negotiations.

The technical session then ended with discussion and comments from the participants. Mr. Manjeet Dhakal then concluded the workshop and thanked the participants on behalf of organizers. The workshop was attended by 73 participants from various ministries, government divisions, bilateral organizations, development agencies, civil society organizations and private sector.  

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