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Negotiating from the front: Time to take up the challenge

Climate change, COP18, UNFCCC, Nepal An interaction program titled “Negotiating from the front: Leading the LDC group in UN Climate Talks” was held in Kathmandu to deliberate on the outcomes of the recently concluded Doha climate coference and recommend the strategies for the effective coordination of LDC group in the UNFCCC. Nepal is leading 48 least developed countries group for the year 2013 and 2014 in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
  The program was organized by Climate Change Network Nepal (CCNN)/Clean Energy Nepal (CEN). Representatives from government agencies, civil society organizations, universities and various network attended the program.
Addressing the program CCNN coordinator, Mr. Bhusan Tuladhar said, "the government at the national level has sufficiently progressed in policy and programme formulation processes but now this needs to be translated into actions by implementation them at the local level." Chief Guest of the program Honorable Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Dr. Keshav Man Shakya, stressed on the need of effective participation of Nepal in UNFCCC negotiation. He further added that COP 18 was did not deliver as expected to address the concerns of poor and vulnerable countries such as Nepal.
The Joint secretary of Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Mr. Prakash Mathema highlighted the updates from Doha in context of LDC group expectations and discussed about Nepal's plan on leading Least Developed Countries group at UNFCCC for the year 2013-2014. “The leadership for the LDC Group is an opportunity as well as a challenge for Nepal,” he stressed.
The participants of the workshop also discussed in groups to came up with recommendations for the government on LDC chairmanship. The discussion was based on “Strategies for Effective coordination in LDC group” and “Advancing Nepal's Agenda in the Climate Negotiations” facilitated by Mr. Batu K Uprety and Raju Pandit Chettri. For more information on the presentations delivered during the program, click the following link: "Doha Climate Gateway: A step forward, Two steps back!"     The workshop, organized by Climate Change Network Nepal (CCNN)/ Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) and supported by Oxfam and European Union (EU). 

Please click the following link for the presentation titled "Doha Climate Gateway: A step forward, Two steps back!"

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